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If you are looking for some unique products to help your group raise funds, we can help.  You can benefit from our ready-to-go products at discount prices.  That means easy funds for your cause!  Please read all of the details below to learn more.

what we offer

Our products co-branded with your name and logo

Almost all of our products can be customized to include your event's name and/or logo.  We offer that service free of charge!  (Of course, you can purchase them "as-is" too. )  What we typically do is co-brand then, including your name/logo along with our logo. 

If it's a particular t-shirt that your group wants, depending on the setup, our logo is either on the back or the front pocket.  Regardless, underneath our logo, we'd put your logo, like in the example below:

co-branding example

All you do is choose what products you want from our store.  Then you just pick the color and size options, as available.  We ship 'em, you sell 'em!

Our service makes it easy for you to offer our unique style of products for your cancer charity cause.  With minimal work, you can have cool merchandise that's targeted directly to the cancer community!

discount pricing

We offer deep discounts on bulk orders so that you can maximize your funds raised.  We set prices based on the size of the order.  From there, you simply set the sales price that works best for your event. 

For example, lets suppose that you want to sell pink "My To-Do List" t-shirts for your breast cancer benefit concert.  Let's say that we sell that shirt on our website for $20 each.  If you buy 100 of them, then we might price them for you at $10 each.  You can then sell them for the same $20 price as we do; however, you will have raised a total of $1000 for your cause!  You get to set the sales price and control your benefit margin.

(In the case of the benefit concert, I'd have the lead singer wear one, sign it, and then auction it off for a few extra bucks!)

bulk order requirements

  • Minimum bulk orders must be 25 pieces of one item
  • Promotions cannot be applied to bulk orders unless otherwise stated
  • Please allow for at least 4 weeks lead time (the more time, the better)
  • Payments required in full before shipping of gotCancer.org branded items and required in full before printing of co-branded items

getting started

If you're ready, then we are too!  Fill out our bulk order form below with the details of your fundraiser.  We'll contact you first before we do anything. This is not an order and you are not under obligation to purchase.

Bulk Order Form


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