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who we are is an organization whose primary goal is to put a smile on the faces of those in the fight against cancer.  We believe that humor is good medicine and we plan on spreading it around.  The ability to laugh is the ability to feel strong and to forget about cancer for a moment.  For a person fighting cancer, that's like a moment of being virtually cancer free.  Think about what that is worth.  Think about how valuable, yet simple that can be.

This website is a portal to our store of exclusive products, ranging from hats and t-shirts to coffee mugs and mouse pads.  Just don't look for the usual ribbon-embossed stuff here.  There's plenty of that to be found elsewhere.  Instead, our products are designed with a little attitude, a lot of humor and a touch of inspiration!   We don't just cater to the patients and survivors either.   We have products for the entire cancer community, including friends, families, doctors and nurses; anyone who is a part of the fight against cancer.  

All of's net profits are donated to various cancer based support organizations that provide patient support and/or cancer research. 


how it started

In June 2003, I was diagnosed with stage II Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We hit it with everything we could: surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation.  I'm pretty certain that the chemo hit me with everything it could, but that's another story! 

During my treatments, I found that being able to joke and laugh about this whole experience was a definite strength.  "Laughter is the best medicine" they say.  Well, it's no substitute for the power of modern medicine; however, a good laugh can definitely make a person feel better.  I believe that the very same laugh can also give a person strength.  If a person can make fun of cancer and laugh at it, then that cancer is not quite so scary anymore.  


our goals

Our goals are simple; make cancer patients laugh and give back to the cancer community.  We do that by selling our unique products, all designed to help people laugh in cancer's face! You buy a shirt, we make a donation - it's that simple!  Every penny of our net profits are donated to cancer related non-profit charities.  We can make those cancer patients laugh and maybe even help to fund a cure!


supported charities

Some think that because we have a ".org" at the end of our domain name that we are a non-profit organization. That is not the case. The only requirement for a ".org" domain name is an annual domain registration fee, just like a ".com" domain. That's it. We are a for-profit organization and we don't accept donations. We didn't chose the ".org" to confuse anyone; the ".com" version simply wasn't available.

However, if what you really want to do is donate to a cancer charity (which will earn you some seriously good cancer karma), then take our advice and send your donation to one of the great cancer non-profit organizations we've listed below. These organizations aren't fake scam sites pretending to be a non-profit; they are the real deal. If you're unsure, look them up at GuideStar. That goes for any organization that you want to give to; check them out first before you give. If they aren't listed, they are likely lining their own pockets.

We actively support each of these great grassroot causes by making a donation to each of them, once a year. I know, you're thinking, "so prove it." Ok, then how about this. Contact them and ask if is an annual supporter. If they tell you "no," then we'll send you a free t-shirt. If they tell you "yes," then you owe them a donation! Or you could save yourself time and just donate using the links below. ;-)

Planet Cancer is a community of support by and for young adults with cancer in their 20s and 30s, providing critical peer support in the face of a life-threatening illness. Through a dedicated, irreverent website, online message boards and face-to-face retreats, Planet Cancer brings young adults together to help each other address the unique issues that arise from facing cancer at this age and stage of life.


Donate now to Planet Cancer via

Cancer Sucks is driven by an inner passion that is not shared by many charities. Started by two brothers, Rick Horton and Frank White, Cancer Sucks is a living memorial dedicated to their mother, Donna White. The mission statement for Cancer Sucks is to "provide a forum for those who have lost loved ones to cancer while aggressively raising money to find a cure. No one should have to go through what millions of cancer victims, survivors and those left behind have endured."


Donate now to Cancer Sucks via

The Heavenly Hats Foundation is a non-profit organization started by a young man from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Heavenly Hats donates brand-new hats free of charge to cancer patients and hospitals throughout the United States. 


Donate now to Heavenly Hats via

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